TopCool® HighFunkcional-fabric™

The main advantage of TopCool® HighFunkcional-fabric™ is its functionality even under extreme conditions.

The cloth will guarantee immediate removal of moisture from the body, high breathability fabric guarantees comfort and your skin will always stay dry and comfortable even with increased sweating during sleep. The fabric is soft, breathable and quickly absorbs moisture from the skin outward. TopCool®polyester fibers are designed to increase evaporation and drying properties of fabrics, fabric is fast drying. Easy maintenance fabrics in a washing machine and dryer and energy saving and time during drying. Fabrics made of TopCool®fibers were originally intended only for production of functional sportswear, based on the parameters of the functional sportswear and clothing for extreme load of sweating. TopCool® HighFunkcional-fabric™has been developed especially for production of bedding concretely for a funcional quilts and pillows production.