Producers of textile material

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COMATEX Fabrics Materials

COMATEX products are fabrics manufactured in a variety of parameters, composition, final finishings according to the usage and customer requirements.

Production is focused in the following industries and application areas:

  • Fabrics/Textiles - for the production of textile bedding products for quality sleep
  • Fabrics/Textiles - for the production of textile products for hospitals, health care facilities
  • Fabrics/Textiles - for the production of textile bedding products for hotels


Product Certification

Product certification is an essential part of the process of production, development and quality control. Our customers can be sure of high quality standard, non-toxic fabrics for a production of a high quality and harmless textile bedding products.

Certification COMATEX


About Us

Our mission is to develop new types of textiles, manufacturing and sales of fabrics for production of bedding products for healthy sleep. We do our work with care to meet the needs of our customers. Textile materials are developed and manufactured according to the latest trends.


Philosophy COMATEX

Philosophy of company COMATEX is based on the crucial goal:

The long-term satisfied customer - Such a customer must be satisfied with our services not only today, but also tomorrow, a month, a year, even for several years.