SILVER Active-fabric™

The main advantage of this SILVER Active-fabric™ is excellent antibacterial function, which gives the fabric antibacterial treatment with active silver ions, this treatment has anti-fungal, anti-bacteria and odor potential.

The fabric is produced innovative technology and, of polyester microfiber. Microfibers are half the diameter than the silk fiber, for an idea: A human hair is ten times stronger than microfiber. By its nature the very fabric reminds natural silk. Extra gentle formula provides extra fabric feel pleasant to the touch, is a lightweight, highly absorbent, yet very dense and crease. The fabric repels moisture and cold from the outside, a large number of pores allow easy evaporation of sweat. SILVER Active-fabric™ is provided with the final finish, which delivers exceptional fabric properties. The fabric is equipped with active antibacterial silver ions. This arrangement provides excellent antibacterial performance fabric. Silver is fighting the bacteria from antiquity to the present. In ancient Greece and Rome, silver coins were placed in milk containers for fresh milk. Even today, using silver-plated surgical instruments and bandages to promote wound healing by silver. The fabric is specially developed for the production of bedding textiles, especially quilts and pillows.

Products made of SILVER Active-fabric™ guarantee you exceptionally fresh feeling of cleanliness.