MicroFibre Soft-fabric™

The main advantage of MicroFibre Soft-fabric™ is its softness, smoothness and lightness. The fabric is produced by innovative technology and made of polyester microfiber.

Microfibers are half the diameter than the silk fiber, for an idea: a human hair is ten times stronger than microfiber. By its nature the fabric reminds natural silk. Extra gentle formula provides extra fabric feel pleasant to the touch, is a lightweight, highly absorbent and thick and crease-resistant. The fabric repels moisture and cold from the outside, a large number of pores allow an easy evaporation of sweat. The fabric cools during the warm nights, and if you are cold on the contrary it warms. It features excellent antibacterial and anti-allergenic properties.

MicroFibre Soft-fabric™ fabric is primarily use for production of bed linen, such as standard and luxury quilts and pillows.