The main advantage of BioFresh-fabric™ is an extra gentle formula, balanced constitution quality of micro cotton and polyester fibers.

The fabric has a nice, soft and fresh feeling to the touch and sight, the BioFresh-fabric™is very light, smooth, slightly shiny and mainly it is highly absorbent. The fabric repels moisture and cold from the outside, the construction and the combination of micro-fiber cotton and polyester fibers ensures easy evaporation of body moisture, it provides your skin with good thermoregulation during the whole night. BioFresh-fabric™features with an excellent anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic properties. BioFresh-Fabric ™ is a wonderful very soft fabric. It has been specially developed for production of luxury bedding, especially for quilts and pillows production.

Products made from BioFresh-fabric™ guarantee you a pleasant refreshing sleep.