BAMBOO FreshCool-fabric™

The main advantage and functionality BAMBOO FreshCool-fabric™ are a balanced composition of high-quality bamboo and micro-fiber fabric give a pleasant feeling to the touch, the fabric is very light, smooth and yet very durable.

The main functionality of the fabric is a high absorption and moisture from the body and has the ability to cool the body. Bamboo fiber is a natural antibacterial and bacteriostatic called, fine, hygroscopic, very breathable and soft. Bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial function and the bacteria static. Microfibers are half the diameter than the silk fiber, for an idea: a human hair is ten times stronger than microfiber. The fabric repels moisture and cold from the outside, a large number of pores allows easy evaporation of sweat, it ensures your skin temperature regulation during sleep quality. The strength of the fabric BAMBOO FreshCool-fabric™ is the ability to stay cooler by 1-2 ° C than those of conventional non-functional materials. Products made of bamboo fibers are even called the textile conditioning.

BAMBOO FreshCool-fabric™ is a very suitable material for light summer luxury products, especially luxury quilts and pillows.